Five keys to a victory for the Titans vs. the Patriots

Five keys to a victory for the Titans vs. the Patriots

And are these Titans capable of pulling off a memorable upset?

It's still hard to see how the Steelers gag this one away against a clearly inferior opponent though even if the final score may be closer than the 7-point line would indicate.

All the numbers favor the Patriots extending their record of consecutive title games reached to seven. I think they enjoy all of that, but I think for us, it's just going out there and playing for each other.

Derrick Henry gets stronger the more he carries the ball, and it looks like he's going to be carrying it a lot for the Titans going forward.

The big question is how will Pittsburgh's Big 3 (Roethlisberger, Le'Veon Bell and Antonio Brown) fare. Each play of the game is important, but the only way that you can have a lot of good plays on game day is by the practice week. So don't take her word for gospel.

This is Henry's moment to show the world and the Titans' fan base what they've been waiting for.

The Titans might have some intel of their own from cornerback Logan Ryan, a former Patriot whom Mike Mularkey jokingly admitted to interrogating about the team.

The Titans lost three of their last four regular season games and nearly missed the playoffs, but they were able to nudge themselves in and picked up a huge Wild Card victory over the Chiefs.

Fewer teams beat Brady at home on a Saturday night.

Tailgaters' beer froze solid.

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"Hearing that out of him, it fuels me and motivates me".

"I think they're a really solid team", Belichick said of the Titans.

Coleman played in the wild-card round against Carolina, catching four passes for 44 yards last Sunday. The Titans will need more of that energy and desire along with skill if they are to win this game. He was an assistant coach on Jeff Fisher's staff that game. James White caught 72 balls this year out of the backfield, ninth best in the league.

The Patriots won the Super Bowl a year ago without Gronkowski on the active roster, and the five-time Pro Bowler is relishing his return to the field. Patriots coach Bill Belichick will surely test that this week. Belichick is 6-1 against the Titans.

Reigning Super Bowl champions New England host the Tennessee Titans in their AFC divisional round matchup on Saturday.

Jones played 439 snaps with the New England defense in 2017 41 percent of the time. They are treating this game as a bye week. Henry and quarterback Marcus Mariota will again have to hijack the game, which won't be as easy in Foxboro. He has to avoid interceptions and fumbles.

It may not take a miracle, but a good game plan that eats clock and a heavy dose of Titans Running Backs along with a key Special Teams play could be enough. So Mariota will have to throw a clean game Saturday for the Titans to have a chance. They were getting burned by Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce in the first half of last week's game, which changed dramatically when Kelce was injured just before half-time. They ranked 20th in rushing yards allowed and 30th in average per rush allowed. The Titans didn't abandon the run, though. Let the man do what he does better than anybody, playoff games. By comparison, Mariota is 24 years old and has one playoff win.

Brady, who is seeking to gild his legacy as the greatest quarterback the sport has seen with a sixth Super Bowl, was incensed by the suggestion that he had engineered Garoppolo's departure or had appeared "liberated" by the trade.

Joe Biddle is a sports columnist.

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