Facebook admits Messenger app is cluttered, vows to clean up

Facebook admits Messenger app is cluttered, vows to clean up

Of course, there were no mentions exactly which new-fangled aspects of Facebook Messenger are to be considered clutter.

These are the top six trends defined by the Head of Messenger for 2018 and personally speaking, all of them look promising especially Facebook's idea of encouraging businesses to use Messenger after they launched WhatsApp for Business past year. Over the past couple of years, we've seen Facebook pack Messenger with a bunch of different features, whether that's processing payments or playing games with friends.

With a claimed user base of over 1.3 billion, Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular messaging apps out there.

Facebook Messenger has an interesting history.

In a blog post, David Marcus, head of Messenger, said that such features "continue to set us apart", while at the same time acknowledging that not all had "found their product market fit". This follows up a recent announcement that Facebook is changing how your News Feed will look. But the app has gotten so cluttered lately that Marcus feels it's time to take a step or two back.

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Facebook also believes that both customers and businesses want to more easily connect with each other over Facebook Messenger. Facebook has realized that its rush to experiment in Messenger triggered the clutter, and in 2018, the Messenger team is committing to simplify and streamline Messenger, bringing it back to its primary goal of staying directly connected with others.

The hardest thing for any company to do is admit they've messed up. When I see a Food Network recipe I like, for example, I usually just send a friend a URL rather than open the extension and find it.

2018 has just started and we will still have to wait and see what Facebook has planned for us this year and we hope they could work to make sure Messenger is even more powerful than ever.

Facebook Messenger is a hugely popular app, and it's become a cornerstone of online social life, every bit as much as Facebook, or Twitter, or Snapchat.

Blazing fast ways to share photos and videos - incidentally our photo quality is better than ever (4k!) - plus ways to upgrade group chat into live video group chat. It's good for Facebook to recognize the clutter is a problem.

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