Dog walks 20 miles twice to find family that gave her up

Dog walks 20 miles twice to find family that gave her up

Not once but twice, Cathleen walked about 20 miles from Prague to Seminole to find her original family, the Humane Society said.

It's not clear why Cathleen's family could no longer care for her; several people commented that they would donate money to help them.

Cathleen, however, missed her original family so she walked from Prague to Seminole, a almost 20-mile journey, in search of them.

Not only did Cathleen make this trip once, but she walked 20 miles twice!

The foster was supposed to be temporary while the Seminole Animal Shelter found her a home, but Cathleen just couldn't wait. Friendly. She wants to be everyone's friend.

"Her heart wants to be with them but they can not keep her".

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"She's very sweet; very calm and docile", reserve animal control officer Lynzi Thompson said.

"We have now stepped in to assist Cathleen on her next journey", the shelter wrote.

Cathleen is not the only dog who was recently reunited - however briefly - with her owners in a remarkable fashion.

The adoption fee is just $25. She's now available for viewing at the Seminole Animal Shelter.

"Her heart wants to be with them", the Seminole Humane Society wrote on its Facebook page, adding the family loved her "very much".

When the story made it to Twitter, it made many users there sad that the family gave her up.

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