Could It Be … Finally? Black Widow's Standalone Movie Scores a Writer

Could It Be … Finally? Black Widow's Standalone Movie Scores a Writer

One extra bit of intrigue comes with the idea that Marvel has yet to reveal its plans for anything beyond the current Phase Three of the MCU, which is set to end with Avengers 4 next year. Feige and Johansson have spent the years since Black Widow's Iron Man 2 debut insisting the film was always a possibility, but this is the first time the studio has moved forward on the project visibly.

Schaeffer has just a few Hollywood credits under her belt, though Marvel has a track record of betting on relatively untested talent for its superhero movies. Here it is, 2018 ... and heck, Spider-Man, Black Panther, and Thor have all broken out on their own, while Widow's just hanging around, waiting for her time to come.

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According to the publication, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige actually interviewed a number of potential candidates to work on the script of the Black Widow before ultimately choosing Schaeffer. She deserves her own movie. Schaeffer has more than a few successes under her belt, having written Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson's upcoming Dirty Rotten Scoundrels remake, Nasty Woman, and the Olaf's Frozen Adventure short. Perhaps Marvel will find a woman for the director's chair.

Marvel Studios has hired Jac Schaeffer to write the script for Black Widow standalone movie, in which Scarlett Johansson will be playing the title role. That can only be good news about how seriously they're taking this. So, does this mean Black Widow survives the battle with Thanos in Infinity War? This is a ideal opportunity for Marvel Studios to play with genres other than strict superheroics, much like they did with space opera/light comedy in Guardians Of The Galaxy. The movie is said to be in its very early development stage. We'll keep you posted, though.

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