'Bored' Russian man crashes armoured vehicle into shop

'Bored' Russian man crashes armoured vehicle into shop

A drunk Russian man was detained after stealing an armoured personnel carrier and smashing it into a convenience store on Wednesday, reports said. A person living nearby was able to record the weird crime (see above), and many people photographed the aftermath. He stole the APC from a "motorsport training ground" near Apatity, Russia.

The determined drinker hopped out of the Soviet-era multi-purpose fully amphibious auxiliary armoured tracked vehicle, climbed in through a smashed window and grabbed a bottle from the supermarket shelf.

He also crushed a auto parked nearby, images showed.

Shortly after the crash, a staff member realized the man was trying to steal the bottle and apprehended him, a clerk at the Semya supermarket in the town of Apatity said by phone.

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Witnesses visible in the footage did not seemed particularly disturbed by the incident. Having said that, it's still something to see someone take that vehicle and plow it into a storefront for some wine.

Police were able to find the driver, and he still was in possession of the stolen wine, according to Reuters.

The hijacker didn't resist arrest when he was seized by the local traffic police.

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