Border crossings plummet, so why want a wall?

Border crossings plummet, so why want a wall?

Most of the cocaine, heroin and methamphetamines smuggled into the United States come through legal ports of entry rather than areas that would be stopped by a wall, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration.

The US president originally estimated a $12 billion (£9.6 billion) figure, while a report from the Department of Homeland Security that was leaked a year ago almost doubled it to $21 billion (£16.8 billion), with completion slated for 2020.

This situation is unsettling because Trump seems to be aware of the importance of DACA, but he still seems adamant on blackmailing Democrats to accept his wall plan in order to continue the program.

But Trump's insistence on the border wall in exchange for a deal on DACA is widely seen as a nonstarter.

Trump said in the past there would be no new DACA deal without funding for his border wall.

"President Donald Trump is asking Congress for a 10-year allocation of $18 billion for his big lovely border wall with Mexico ("$18 billion sought to begin wall on border", January 5), with the first $1.6 billion to replace 74 miles of fence in the current year 2018.

President Trump has ended the program - and their protected status will start expiring in March.

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An extra $15 billion (£11 billion) is also required to cover expenses of towers, surveillance equipment, unmanned aerial vehicles and 5,000 new Border Patrol agents to further fortify the barrier, as well as necessary road construction and maintenance.

Büchel told the newspaper that even if the wall is never built along the almost 2,000-mile U.S. -Mexico border, the prototypes should be preserved as a reminder that the idea was politically viable. "These are people who are here in Texas and they're his constituents".

Yet several Democrats are still pushing for a so-called clean bill. If there's no agreement, and he does not extend the deadline, Dreamers would lose their protections from deportation on that date.

As we began this new year in Congress, we have heard about discussions between House and Senate "leaders", regarding the promises they made to certain House and Senate members that they will indeed get a vote to reinstate President Obama's DACA amnesty. Trump said Saturday these included included national security, infrastructure, military funding and immigration. "We want DACA to happen, but we also want great security for our country..."

Trump is seeking $18 billion over 10 years to make his prized campaign pledge a reality.

Some of us who support the rule of law noted back when that was said that we had not yet been allowed to hold anyone accountable for the illegal, unconstitutional, and deadly "Fast & Furious" scandal; nor the IRS for being weaponized in an election; nor for the refusal of the Executive Branch to cooperate with Congressional investigations and subpoenas.

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