Attempt to kill spider starts house fire in California

Attempt to kill spider starts house fire in California

A California man using a lighter to kill a "huge" spider in his apartment ended up causing $11,000 worth of damage when the arachnid ignited a mattress.

It's unclear if the spider survived.

By trying to burn the spider to death, the residents caused moderate damage to their apartment unit, Battalion Chief Rob Pitt told the Record Searchlight.

The fire on the mattress was reportedly extinguished by residents, but it had already spread to other parts of the flat.

The residents unsuccessfully tried to quench the blaze using a garden hose but, before long, a fire was raging in the room.

The Redding Fire Department said that they do not yet have an official designation for what started the fire and will investigate the claim about the spider.

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Firefighters said the incident remains under investigation.

The apartment was home to two men and a caregiver to one of the men, Lyndsey Wisegarver.

This wouldn't be the first time mankind has used flame-throwing in an attempt to slay a spider.

Wisegarver said she had been thinking about moving out anyway and the fire had just sped up the process.

Wolf spiders can grow up to the size of a human hand, though many sub-species are much smaller.

Firefighters from the Redding Fire Department rushed to the scene, arriving to find smoke streaming out of the second floor of the building.

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