'Altered Carbon' Trailer: Netflix Unveils First Look, Posters For Cyberpunk Series

'Altered Carbon' Trailer: Netflix Unveils First Look, Posters For Cyberpunk Series

"Transfer consciousness between bodies to live eternal live".

Netflix has released a full-length trailer for its original science fiction TV show Altered Carbon, and it takes viewers forcefully into the future where consciousness and body are two distinctly separate things.

Set to a remix of Nine Inch Nails' "The Beginning of the End", the first long-form trailer for the series debuting February 2 offers the type of visual style and action that helped Dennis Villeneuve's Blade Runner 2049 find so many fans, including the Tracking Board's Chief Film Critic Drew McWeeny.

The world (set 300 years into the future) is one in which people with enough money can download and pass their consciousness from body to body, which are known as "sleeves". At the very beginning of the new footage, Joel Kinnaman's character, Takeshi Kovacs, is unwillingly resurrected and immediately forced into the service of a new master.

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Who is in the cast?

Soon he finds himself embroiled in danger as he attempts to solve the mystery behind the alleged murder of a rich man (James Purefoy), who himself hired Kovacs. Bear in mind, it's pretty x-rated: good for fans of shirtless, slime-covered Joel Kinnaman, not great for the violence-adverse. Altered Carbon, based on the novel of the same name, even made an appearance at CES this year.

The impressive trailer for Altered Carbon dropped yesterday and sets the tone for the tech noir series.

Netflix's Altered Carbon comes from creator and executive producer Laeta Kalogridis.

Now, to make sure we are properly foaming at the mouth come Friday, 2 February, Netflix has given us a seriously kick-ass new two-minute trailer...

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