WhatsApp Is Planning To Give More Power To Group Admins

WhatsApp Is Planning To Give More Power To Group Admins

After activating the setting of "Restricted Groups" feature, other members will be able to read the message in the group but they will not be able to send anything. It is known for its streamlined group chat implementation.

The "Restricted Groups" setting can only be activated by group administrators. A new report says that the company is hoping to give more power to WhatsApp group administrators so that they can keep an eye on the messages that group members are sending. This can be useful when group admins wish to make an announcement or discuss something important.

In order to post any message or media, they'll be needed to get it screened by the group admin first by using the "Message Admin" button.

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The message will need to be approved by the administrator before going through to the rest of the group. Once restricted, other members will only be able to read admin's message.

Recently, WhatsApp has introduced its most awaited feature which is deleting unwanted text for all. But even as millions of WhatsApp users use groups to carry put conversations - private, social and professional - WhatsApp groups have also come under scanner for abuse, especially in countries like India.

In a new beta version which is being rolled out, Whatsapp is giving more power to administrators of groups, according to WAbetainfo, which tracks Whatsapp beta releases for future updates. It has also been found out that an admin can restrict members from commenting anything in the group for 72 hours as of now. "This will help the group creator to have the full control of the group.· The administrators will be able to choose if other participants can modify the subject of the group, its icon and its description". We are unsure as to why WhatsApp has chose to let admins change the setting every 72 hours only, as this feature would only be more useful if the admins can impose restrictions as and when they want. WhatsApp also announced the addition of advanced features, bug fixes and general improvements in upcoming updates.

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