Sufjan Stevens Shares A Touching Tribute To Tonya Harding

Sufjan Stevens Shares A Touching Tribute To Tonya Harding

Margot stars alongside, Sebastian Stan, who plays Harding's ex-husband in the film, as well as, Allison Janney, 58, who portrays Harding's mother.

Aptly titled "Tonya Harding", Stevens explains in an accompanying essay that the song is a long overdue attempt by him to capture the "complicated subject".

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Pratt's temporary duties as host of Jimmy Kimmel Live afforded him the luxury of interviewing our very own shining star, Margot Robbie, in the lead up to the release of her latest movie I, Tonya, which tells the story of figure skater Tonya Harding. "She's a complicated subject for a song partly because the hard facts of her life are so unusual, disputable, heroic, unprecedented, and indelibly American".

Check your kneecaps at the door - Tonya Harding and Margot Robbie, the woman playing Tonya Harding, were hanging out together for the premiere of the Tonya biopic. In January 1994, Tonya's then-boyfriend Jeff Gillooly hired an assailant, Shane Stant, to break fellow figure skater Nancy Kerrigan's leg at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships at Cobo Arena in Detroit, so that she would be unable to compete at the upcoming Winter Olympics. Harding avoided jail time but pleaded guilty to hindering the prosecution. She also believes, more than two decades later, that Harding is innocent in the attack against Kerrigan, which effectively ended both of their professional skating careers. The actress and the former figure skater hit the red carpet at the "I, Tonya" premiere in LA, where they enjoyed a chat, some laughs and posed for photos! "I went down and she's on the driveway and there's this python, it was huge, it had wrapped its way up her arm and it's trying to strangle her around her neck". "I hope the same can be said of us all". In fact, in 1991, Harding wowed at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships, do in large part thanks to her landing the super hard triple axel, making Harding the first American woman to land the jump at an event.

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