Record-setting 17-foot python caught in Florida Everglades

Record-setting 17-foot python caught in Florida Everglades

Jason, a professional snake hunter, was shocked by his discovery.

Three hunters caught a 17-foot, 132-pound Burmese python in the Florida Everglades in southern Miami-Dade, a record for the program aimed at curbing the proliferation of the non-native species, according to media reports. "That snake could pretty much kill any full-grown man".

A snake measuring more than 17 feet and bagged last week is the longest ever caught in Florida's Python Elimination Program.

WTSP reported that the previous record was held by famed python hunter Dusty "Wildman" Crum, who brought in a 16-foot, 11-inch python that weighed 122 pounds in November.

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Snake hunter Jason Leon spotted the enormous reptile at around 2.45am on Friday morning, according to the Miami Herald. The more of these snakes that can be eliminated, especially females and their eggs, the better chance future generations of native wildlife will have to thrive in the Everglades ecosystem that Floridians have invested billions of dollars to restore. 'There's no natural predators too'.

The SFWMD started the python program in April 2017 and pays hunters $8.10 an hour.

"We're going to find a 20-footer tonight", he joked after turning in the snake to a field station. They also pay an extra $50 for a 4-foot-long snake and $25 for each additional foot above that.

"Got her out, shot her right in the head while I was holding her", Leon said Monday in a video released by the South Florida Water Management District. WSVN reported the 16 foot, 11 inch python on November 2.

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