Recent Samsung patent reveals smartphone with a double-sided display

Recent Samsung patent reveals smartphone with a double-sided display

The patent does not contain a lot of textual information, but there are images that give us an idea of what Samsung has in mind.

Another Samsung patent revolving around an unconventional smartphone design was recently published by the USPTO, revealing a concept that employs a double-sided display wrapping around one of the handset's edges. We don't know much about the patent which was filed with US Patent and Trademark Office on 2nd September 2016.

That said, whether this new design will materialise, is a question for another day, considering that Samsung had filed for the patent around the time of the Galaxy Note Edge launch.

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The patent application, a sample from which you can see above, pertains to a smartphone with a display that would wrap around the side of the phone and cover part of the rear. The screen runs all the way to the back of the smartphone, covering nearly half of the phone's back. But there is also a news that Samsung is working on a device with a double-sided display. We will have to wait to see which company is able to make the technology feasible and uses it in a commercial smartphone.

With the entire smartphone industry now stressing over FullVision displays, do you often wonder what's going to be the next big trend for smartphone displays?

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