Palace assures: No severe dengue case yet

Palace assures: No severe dengue case yet

On Wednesday, November 29 - more than a year after its release of the world's first dengue vaccine - Sanofi advised the public that clinical studies revealed the vaccine poses more risks for recipients who had no prior infection.

He said there are now no reports of severe dengue infection among those vaccinated. The infections are typically the result of taking antibiotics, which wipe out friendly bacteria in the colon that normally keep C. diff under control.

Despite its promise and €1bn-plus in sales projections it barely got out of the starting blocks before running into difficulties, which have been blamed on political disruption and economic problems in its first approved markets, and the Indian governments refusal to waive a requirement for local clinical trials of the vaccine.

For those not previously infected by the dengue virus, analysis found vaccination prevented severe illness for at least 30 months, Mr Duque said.

Those who had been vaccinated "are being followed up for adverse effects", he said.

Joseph Victor "JV" Ejercito, chairman of the Senate health committee, said they will also conduct a probe into the P3.5 billion anti-dengue vaccination program initiated during the term of former President Benigno Aquino 3rd.

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The immunisation program is in line with the recommendation of the World Health Organization for mass vaccination in highly endemic countries, health officials said on Friday.

THE Philippines is prepared for a "worst-case scenario" after warnings that a vaccine against dengue fever could cause symptoms of the disease to become more severe.

In a statement distributed to journalists on Monday, Sanofi said: "In individuals who have not been previously infected by dengue virus, there is an increased risk of hospitalization for dengue and severe dengue, predominantly Grade I or II Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF)".

It stressed: "DHF IV was not seen in those vaccinated".

Sanofi had previously referred to the drug as "critical" in the fight against dengue, Sky News reported.

Sanofi Pasteur is proposing an update to the vaccine label to reflect new data. Aguirre said in Filipino.

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