Is Shilpa Shinde the new insecure contestant?

Is Shilpa Shinde the new insecure contestant?

Unlike every time this time Shilpa wants to fight for captaincy but Arshi does not want her to be the captain.

In the activity area, Arshi sees the clip in which Hina is discussing Arshi's clothes with Luv. "Shilpa ji kitchen chodd kyu nai deti.Jab banaana padega khaana tab pata chalega.l How can one be sooo thankless towards the person who has been cooking for you everyday really bad #BB11", he tweeted.

Apparently, Shilpa has stated that she should be given a chance to be the captain given that she hasn't been given the opportunity yet.

Later, in the bedroom, Arshi tells Akash Dadlani not to sleep.

The second phase of the work begins and Vikash, love, Arshi and Shilpa are robots. However, Shilpa and Hiten have been nominated for eviction this week alongside Luv and Priyank. Hiten's name was nominated for jail by others. A video had emerged some time ago where Hina was in conversation with Arshi and Vikas Gupta.

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Shilpa chose to step off her throne and leave behind kitchen duties as Hina questioned her hygiene levels while cooking food.

In the next task, three members of the house could remotely watch what happened behind their backs.

Although Puneesh Sharma was seen making some insulting comments on Hina in the video, the latter got furious about Hina mocking her when she had broken down during her beau Rocky Jaisjwal's visit. Hina said that was the reason why they were all getting unwell. After that, Arshi tells everyone what she saw in the clip. Remember when Karishma Tanna had entered the Bigg Boss house and advised Hina to practice what she preaches? Shilpa said even Arshi uses tap water. In an attempt to mediate, Vikas asked Shilpa to use purified water and also blamed Hina for her attitude. Vikas, Arshi and Shilpa say that the Akash crossed all the boundaries and she was very obscene and Hina should have stopped her.

It was Hina's turn and she got to see Puneesh talking about how she undermined celebrities.

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