Gal Gadot Surprises College Student With First Wonder Woman Scholarship

Gal Gadot Surprises College Student With First Wonder Woman Scholarship

McKinnon described the awe she felt being around Gadot, "Everything she said was magic".

The Saturday Night Live Emmy victor flaunted her impersonation of Wonder Woman star and former SNL host Gal Gadot to Jimmy Fallon - and it was Wonder-rous! "I'm kidding! Oh my gosh-she really made an impact down at SNL". "Similar to many other great young women in this program, her education is hanging by a thread". She continued by jumping back into her Gadot accent, describing the Wonder Woman star's hobbies. Gadot wiped away tears while Carla spoke, with much of the room also getting emotional. While appearing on The Tonight Show this week, Jimmy Fallon brought up the topic of recent SNL hosts, and the two began talking about how wonderful Gadot is in real life. The Rough Night actress goes on to admit that Gadot is practically an IRL Mediterranean goddess (shocker!) before adding, "Everything she says is like a prophecy".

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"I asked her 'Do you have hobbies, Gal?'" McKinnon said, before switching to her impression: "I love to go to the beach, I love to paddleboard, I love to watch my children run on the sand".

In a sketch spoofing "Wonder Woman", Gadot locked lips with McKinnon when the later, playing a lesbian, arrived in Themyscira, the mythical island only inhabited by attractive women, where the superheroine hails from.

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