Dallas County Sheriff to officially run for Texas Governor

Dallas County Sheriff to officially run for Texas Governor

But Democratic officials are trotting her out there with the hopes that the first Hispanic - and openly gay - female sheriff in Texas will boost turnout, particularly in the Latino community, and help other down-ballot candidates.

White is approaching the contest in a manner more familiar to Republicans running at the federal level: as an outsider running against a career politician. "While he hasn't run for public office before, he is kind of playing that middle field to try to attract moderate voters in the Democratic Party but more so moderate voters on the Republican side, as well as independent voters". But Mark Jones of Rice University's Baker Institute said White does have a path to the nomination.

Using a mock dating website called "DHarmony", the search clicks through 10 well-known Democrats who declined to run against Abbott, from U.S. Rep. Joaquin Castro of San Antonio to former Houston Mayor Annise Parker and Davis. She'll be an underdog in Texas, which hasn't elected a Democrat to a statewide office since 1994.

Abbott now remains unopposed going into the Republican primary.

Any Democrat running for governor faces a steep climb against Abbott, who easily defeated the party's 2014 nominee, Wendy Davis, and has built a $40 million-plus war chest for re-election.

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According to the Dallas Morning News, Valdez also battled with Abbott in 2015 over jail protocol when she refused to hold immigrants who committed minor offenses for more than 48 hours after their original release date. Dallas businessman Jeffrey Payne filed to challenge Abbott on Monday.

Valdez brushed off the endorsement, suggesting to reporters that it does not reflect the view of the full membership of the association.

The debate resurfaced in 2017, and was ultimately the driving force behind the anti-"sanctuary cities" and immigration enforcement bill Abbott signed into law earlier this year. Valdez's campaign said she will "officially notify" Dallas County commissioners of her decision to run for governor this morning. "Not a match", each says.

"For the Dreamers, if this isn't their country, they don't have a country", Valdez said. "I think we'd be a great match".

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