Why You Should Check Out The New Firefox Quantum Browser

Why You Should Check Out The New Firefox Quantum Browser

As Recode reported last year, there was a clause in the Mozilla deal that would have the potential Yahoo acquirer pay $375 million per year through 2019 if Mozilla didn't want to work with the buyer. Today, the organisation's outwardly acknowledging that Firefox has slowly slipped away from the mainstream and been surpassed by newer browsers. All versions of Firefox now have a 9.1 percent market share, below IE + Edge and Safari.

Mozilla is working on a major overhaul of its Firefox browser, and, with the general release of Firefox 57 today, has reached a major milestone.

Mozilla isn't pulling its PR punches. The company claims its newest browser is over twice as fast as the version from 6 months ago thanks to both a new, multi-core CSS engine, tab prioritization and the elimination of bugs that were weighing the software down.

As for the user interface, Mozilla details: "We call this initiative Photon, and its goal is to modernize and unify anything that we call Firefox while taking advantage of the speedy new engine". The new engine has been parallelized and should be substantially faster, and Mozilla believes it can use its new Servo engine to enable capabilities like mixed-reality support far more easily than would've been possible in the old version. And if it wasn't already clear that Mozilla owns Pocket, it is now. The tab a user is on gets prioritized over the rest of the tabs, which the company says consequently makes better use of one's system resources.

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UI comparison between FF55 (Left) and Quantum (Right). All the mobile browsers are getting is an update to their UI.

We meant to have our own benchmark suite to show, but my attempts to run some tests on my own system ran into snags. We're excited to deliver a browser that feels completely different - modern, quick and efficient. More than 700 authors have contributed code during the testing phase.

Mozilla claims that Quantum is faster than Google Chrome on a number of popular websites, including Google search, Google's login page, Wikipedia, Bing, Tumblr and Shutterstock. We asked Mozilla for a bit more information about what happened here. It took a year for Firefox to finish the undertaking. The download links for Firefox Quantum or Firefox 57, whatever you would like to call, will pop-up on this page.

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