Rainbow Six Siege Year 3 Detailed, New Co-Op Mode Incoming

Rainbow Six Siege Year 3 Detailed, New Co-Op Mode Incoming

Rainbow Six Siege is a game that does content right; to that effect, it's bringing even more content almost three years after its release. The first season, titled "Operation Chimera", will add two biohazard specialists from France and Russian Federation that are playable across the usual multiplayer modes, but it's the new co-op mode that will be of interest to long serving fans of the game.

As with the previous two years, Year 3 will include four seasons of new content throughout 2018. The next four seasons are now without release dates, but we have been notified that Operation Chimera will begin the new year for the players. For those more concerned with the near future, Ubisoft finally spilled the details about the next upcoming operation, White Noise, giving a full rundown on all three new operators and the brand new Seoul-based map.

White Noise will be the final content drop before Rainbow Six Siege Year 3

Called "Outbreak", this new mode will only be playable during the first four weeks of the season and won't require any extra cost to play. Little more is known about Year 3 or Operation Chimera at present, though Ubisoft says more will be revealed at the Six Invitational esports tournament in February. Year 3, meanwhile, when it releases in December, will see the addition of eight new Operators from CTUs from around the world, two brand new maps set in Italy and Morocco and a level design and art direction makeover for an existing map.

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