Essential offers up an Android Oreo beta for the Essential Phone

Essential offers up an Android Oreo beta for the Essential Phone

While that meagre return is nothing new, analysis of the data shows that adoption of new versions may actually be slowing down. Google has released the November distribution numbers for Android running on devices globally, and a measly 0.3% of all Android devices run the newest software-a rather minimal gain from 0.2% last month.

While Lollipop was the biggest loser in October, Marshmallow took that title this time around, dropping 1.1% of its share of the Android pie.

We all have apps installed on our phones that we simply don't use.

Luu attributes the malaise to a combination of three possible factors; Android growth is slowing down, Android device turnover is slowing down and that fewer devices are receiving updates.

He writes: "In May 2017, Google announced that there are over two billion active Android devices".

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One billion outdated Android devices.

Google's Project Treble promises to help speed up vendor releases of new Android versions, but only devices like the new Pixel 2 that ship with Android Oreo can take advantage of it.

Besides the HTC U11, the company has confirmed the release of Android Oreo update to HTC U Ultra and HTC 10. Indeed, the majority of devices are still on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, though Android 7.0 Nougat is just a fraction of a percentage point behind. While there is some hope that Google has started on the long road to recover with Android 8.0, it will be years before Google comes close to catching Apple, providing it ever does.

As it turns out, most other phone makers have confirmed that at least the flagship phones will get the newest Android as an update before the end of the year. Is it enough to drive you to a Pixel or *gasp* the iPhone?

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