Chance the Rapper Sings 'Come Back, Barack' on SNL

Chance the Rapper Sings 'Come Back, Barack' on SNL

He did not reference Adam Sandler's "Thanksgiving Song", which famously debuted on "Saturday Night Live" decades earlier and has seen subsequent updates to the lyrics to include more topical names and references, though. Alongside Thompson and Chris Redd he sang about feeling lost without a key figure in his life - but instead of it being a woman, it turned out to be former president Barack Obama. Now things are looking bad.

The hook revealed the punchline.

Saturday Night Live gave a love letter to President Obama tonight in the form of a musical number called "Come Back Barack".

Ahhh, stars: They're just like us, in that their favorite rappers are likely your favorite rappers, the chances of them wanting to hang out with Drake as much as you do are probably pretty good, and we can all count on Donald Glover for a little comedic relief.

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"Mariah Carey is at that tree-lighting every year singing 'All I Want For Christmas Is You, ' and it's not because she loves giant trees", he remarked.

"Maybe Michelle could run", they also suggested, adding, "No, let's not put Michelle through that".

Playing on his strength, Chance soon broke out into song to make his point with a new jingle.

This isn't the first time Chance has crooned about Obama on SNL. He jokingly told the Hill at the time that he had a recurring dance battle going on with the then-president.

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