Baron Cohen to pay fine for Czechs sporting Borat mankinis

Baron Cohen to pay fine for Czechs sporting Borat mankinis

Cohen's 2006 global hit, a mockumentary about the exploits of his Borat character as he travelled through the U.S., was banned in the central Asian republic when it was released.

Six men from the Czech Republic were arrested and fined for "minor hooliganism" after they wore Borat's favourite piece of beachwear while visiting Kazakhstan, reported the BBC.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, Baron Cohen says: "To my Czech mates who were arrested". These do not have to send him a proof of their arrest, and their personal information.

The tourists wore the lime green thong-style getup in freezing temperatures November 14 to pose for photos in the Kazakhstan capital of Astana, but they violated a law prohibiting indecent exposure. They had all been sentenced to a fine of $67 United States dollars.

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It caused a furore when Sacha Baron Cohen first debuted it on the beach in Cannes in 2006, but 11 years on and the mankini - the rather revealing male one-piece swimsuit made famous by the Brit's fictional Kazakh TV presenter Borat - is still creating headlines. He directed them to the email address "".

"Borat" was banned by the Kazakhstani government when it was first released.

News of the arrests sparked a debate on social media about how this group would have been treated in other countries.

A user called Fantomas said: "I bet they were afraid to fine them for more money, if it was a local person he would have been in prison already".

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