Ailing mom who killed severely disabled daughter found dead before prison term

Ailing mom who killed severely disabled daughter found dead before prison term

Bonnie Liltz was pronounced dead Saturday, the Cook County medical examiner's office said. "At this time we have no evidence of any foul play and we believe to be a suicide". Liltz had had her own health problems, and reportedly claimed she did it because she anxious about what would happen to her daughter if she herself died. Liltz had been diagnosed with cancer and told authorities she killed her daughter because she feared no one would be able to take care of Courtney in the event of her death.

But last week she was ordered by report to prison on Monday after the Illinois Supreme Court declined to hear the appeal of her sentence.

Liltz was expected to report to prison on Monday.

"It's very upsetting to me because it could have been avoided", Glasgow said after hearing the news.

Bonnie told her mother she was going to a movie and lunch with a friend on the day of her death.

Courtney Liltz had cerebral palsy and severe cognitive defects stemming from a seizure when she was 2 years old, according to Glasgow. He added Liltz was always in pain and had lost more weigh, dropping from 98lbs to 84lbs.

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She adopted the girl because she was unable to have children of her own, the magazine reported.

Her attorney, Glasgow said that he talked to Liltz early Saturday and there had been no indication of any plans to take her own life. "She just didn't want to die in prison".

"All she ever wanted was to be with her Courtney". He said she left a note.

He said his client did not appear suicidal when he spoke to her Friday after she spent Thanksgiving with family.

"It was with that memory that I felt the only place I knew she would be safe and happy would be in heaven with me", Liltz said in court.

In her suicide note to her attorneys, Bonnie wrote that she was exhausted of fighting, and that she knew she would not survive in jail.

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