U.S. destroys relations with Moscow: Russia

U.S. destroys relations with Moscow: Russia

Moscow has lodged a protest with Washington, accusing USA officials of tearing down Russian flags from two of its diplomatic missions in the country, the Foreign Ministry said on Thursday (Oct 12). According to her, the Americans act "like invaders" and rummage in consular archives.

"Yesterday, a new, I can officially say, hostile action of the USA authorities against our diplomatic institutions became known".

After Borisenko's statement, U.S. spokesman for Russian embassy Maria Olson "discoloration of relations does not serve interests of both sides".

"The Russian side will decide on retaliatory measures", Ms Zakharova said.

"I really do not rule out a scenario in which Russia, in reply to the United States law tightening the anti-Russian sanctions and absolutely unlawful actions targeting our diplomatic property, apart from all measures taken on the diplomatic level could develop a special draft law", TASS quoted Leonid Slutsky as saying on Thursday. "In addition to the blatant attack on the flags, the Americans do not hide the fact that they have also rummaged through the documents in the office of the Consulate General in San Francisco, even though consular archives shall be considered inviolable in accordance with the bilateral Consular Convention".

"Washington deliberately destroys relations with Moscow", the Russian Foreign Ministry stated on Thursday.

Zakharova said that by such actions, some USA political forces were deliberately destroying relations with Russian Federation. "Russian employees are not allowed there".

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Russian Federation has drastically scaled down the US diplomatic staff in Russian Federation to 455 people and seized a USA dacha and a warehouse in Moscow in retaliation to Washington's actions. "We have never had anything like this in the history of the US-Russian relationship", Maria Zakharova concluded.

Earlier, Russia's envoy to Washington, Mr Anatoly Antonov, said he had sent a "decisive protest" to the United States over the removed flags.

In late August, the United States ordered Russian Federation to close its consulate in San Francisco and two other installations as relations between the two former Cold War enemies took another dive.

"We demand the American authorities return our state symbols", the post said alongside pictures of a bare flagpole on top of the consulate building.

Russian Federation was ordered to vacate its San Francisco consulate and two other consular annexes after Moscow instructed the U.S.to reduce its diplomatic mission by hundreds of people. Russia's Embassy in the United States earlier said it had lodged a protest to the USA demanding the flags be immediately placed back. Entrance doors to the buildings were broken, while the buildings themselves were searched.

He pledged that the State Department is responsible for the safety of these facilities and is maintaining them in due condition. Nonetheless, they are still Russia's state property, except the trade mission's office in New York City leased by Moscow. However, the Diplomatic Security Service of the US State Department and its foreign missions department have taken the objects of the Russian diplomatic mission under control.

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