Microsoft retires Windows Phone

Microsoft retires Windows Phone

Microsoft has announced it is killing off Windows Phone after 17 years. He affirmed there will be bug fixes and security updates, but no new hardware in future.

Windows VP and former Windows Phone program manager Joe Belfiore has confirmed that Windows 10 Mobile is no longer under active development. Going forward, the mobile operating system will only receive bug fixes and security updates. "Paid money. wrote apps 4 them. but volume of users is too low for most companies to invest".

The word in town is, or rather "was", that the Surface Phone is Microsoft's key to revive its ailing smartphone business and Windows 10 Mobile, and it's within good reason too. Meanwhile, Microsoft also claimed that it'd launch a new Windows 10 OS - codenamed andromeda. The feature is also available in the new Microsoft Launcher for Android, a revamped version of the Arrow Launcher it released in 2015. One of the frustrated users asked a windows phone developer, Joe Belfiore, on Twitter whether he should move on from Windows Phone?

More developers shifted their attention to the newcomers in the market, and as such, the ecosystem and viability of app support on the Windows 10 Mobile suffered. TechCrunch's Natasha Lomas even wrote that Windows Phone 7 was doomed back in 2012.

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That gives relief to light users like my uncle using the smartphone like a phone.

However, the lack of apps in its app store was a big issue as well as not being able to provide timely updates. Microsoft's recent announcements of bringing Microsoft Edge to iOS and Android signified this further, preceded by the earlier ending of its music subscription service, Groove Music. It's developing a new version of Windows 10 that will enable different types of third-party applications to run.

During Build and Inspire conferences of Microsoft, CEO Satya Nadella stated the company's mantra, "mobile-first, cloud-first".

"There wasn't a wide range of devices running Windows 10 Mobile, so it wasn't attractive to retailers or operators".

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