Massive Amazon Wind Farm Opens In West Texas

Massive Amazon Wind Farm Opens In West Texas

He christened the Snyder, Texas wind farm, the company's largest yet with more than 100 turbines, while what appears to be a drone filmed the whole thing.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the United States is "home to one of the largest and fastest growing wind markets in the world".

Indeed, it is just one of more almost 20 wind and solar farms to have been commissioned by Amazon around the USA, as the company - like Apple, Google, Facebook and so many other tech giants - works to meet 100 per cent of its energy needs with renewables.

In a statement on Thursday, the business said that Amazon Wind Farm Texas would add over 1 million megawatt hours (MWh) of clean energy to the grid annually.

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Collectively, says Amazon, those projects generate enough clean energy to power over 330,000 homes per year. In this case, though, the electricity is aimed at offsetting the energy demands of the warehouse-sized data centers that power Amazon's cloud-computing unit.

Amazon has expressed a goal of eventually running the company's entire operation on sustainable energy.

Amazon contracted with wind and solar project developer Lincoln Clean Energy, which will construct, own, and operate the new wind farm.

Lincoln, a steady buyer of GE turbines, handed the American OEM the order for 110 of its 2.3-116 machines for the Amazon Wind Farm Texas. In the long term, Amazon is hoping to increase that to 100 percent.

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