Kyrie Irving on Boston

Kyrie Irving on Boston

Former Cleveland Cavaliers All-Star Kyrie Irving has added a little more excitement - and perhaps venom - to an already anticipated Opening Night matchup against his old team on October 17.

When Kyrie Irving returns to Cleveland for the Celtics season opener Tuesday, the city's faithful fans are not going to be happy with their former point guard.

"It's exciting to be back on the East Coast", the New Jersey native and new member of the Boston Celtics told the Charlotte Observer. Then Wednesday, he threw the whole city of Cleveland under the bus by saying he is excited to play in a "real, live sports city" that is Boston.

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But Irving has made it clear a few different times this off-season how thrilled he is to be playing in Boston.

Irving sees a "vast difference" between life in Boston and Cleveland, where he spent the first six years of his National Basketball Association career. Coming from Cleveland, the Midwest, where the culture is different.

Though he and the rest of his Cleveland Cavaliers teammates helped bring the city its first championship in any major professional sports league in 52 years, Kyrie Irving apparently doesn't consider Cleveland to be a "real, love sports city". Irving would go on to talk about the differences in culture and food and people - obvious facts. You get it all, especially in Boston. Consistently. No matter what hour throughout the night.

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