Junkenstein's Revenge is back for Overwatch's 2017 Halloween Terror event

Junkenstein's Revenge is back for Overwatch's 2017 Halloween Terror event

The event also introduced, Junkenstein's Revenge, Overwatch's first-ever co-op PVE brawl.

To celebrate the announcement of Halloween Terror, Blizzard also released a brand new trailer, which shows off some of the new skins.

New "Overwatch" Halloween Skins: Which One Is Your Favorite?

From the teaser and leaks we know already that there are new skins for McCree, Reaper, Mei, Symmetra and Zenyatta. The other costumes make the game's heroes look like vikings, pirates, and other things you expect to see on October 31. I love that Zarya's villain outfit is just a Russian from the 80's.

Junkenstein's Revenge is back this year and it comes with a brand-new endless mode. The new Junkenstein Endless brawl will feature a different cast of heroes in an endless horde battle.

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The characters that the four players can choose from are Soldier: 76, McCree, Torbjorn, Widowmaker, Ana, Zenyatta, and Genji.

Junkenstein's rogue experiments have resulted in a new mode being added, the titular Junkenstein's Revenge. Lastly, the stages Eichenwalde and Hollywood have been decked out in haunted flair for the holiday as bonus maps. According to Express UK, some characters will be getting unique legendary skins during the Halloween Terror Event, including items as well. Last year's event replaced all in-game loot boxes with Halloween-inspired jack-o'-lanterns.

The Overwatch Halloween Terror 2017 event begins later today, and will wrap up on November 2.

The fandom has been freaking out over Symmetra's Dragon skin, which leaked over the weekend. Who doesn't want that?!

A selection of internships for 2018 went up on the developer's site last night - but one of the listings in particular points to something big in the future of the Overwatch brand.

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