Is Donald Trump Using A Fake Melania? Conspiracy Theory Sweeps The Internet

Is Donald Trump Using A Fake Melania? Conspiracy Theory Sweeps The Internet

First Lady Melania Trump has been caught up in a nutty internet frenzy that makes the intrigue over the Russian conspiracy theories seem tame by comparison. "Okay look this Melania body-double travels with Trump story is silly- I mean where would they find another woman willing to go places with him", a Twitter user wrote.

Theories about Melania body double have been circulating online for months.

"Will the real Melania please stand up?" comedian Andrea Wagner Barton wrote on Facebook.

Her post quickly gained traction and had been shared more than 97,000 times.

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And it is not the first time that a body double theory has emerged, with Hilary Clinton being accused of using a double during the U.S. election campaign.

In the video, the president calls out his wife at the press conference, which conspiracy theorists claim is his effort to cover for the fact that his wife is in fact somewhere else.

The Smithsonian exhibit in Washington called "The First Ladies" and includes gowns worn by those who have served as official hostesses in the White House - usually a president's wife.

Last year, theories about Hillary Clinton's body double began trending on social media with the hashtag #hillarysbodydouble. Trump supporters appear not surprised, with some saying liberals who believe in #TrumpRussia theories would believe that Melania is using a body double. That is totally not her. I've studied her face. totally doesn't look like her to me.

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