Google Assistant can now control Chromecasts from your phone

Google Assistant can now control Chromecasts from your phone

"We want to make it even easier to start a video call from your Android device, so we're making video calling an integrated part of your phone".

The Pixel 2 launcher comes with new features including the bottom Google Search bar, a Glance widget, and minor animation changes.

Jan Jedrzejowicz, Product Manager, Phone app of Google Duo.

As Android Police reported recently, a preview of Google's Phone app v13, which is now out, brought the new Duo video call integration to the three communications app.

Google Duo will now only be a tap away in the native Phone, Android Messages, and Contacts app.

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What is expressly clear from Google's announcement is that your video calls will be routed through your carrier's ViLTE service.

For now, it appears only Google's devices support the feature, but Google says it is working with carrier partners and Android OEMs to bring the integrated video experience to more devices in future.

The app itself is fairly simple, but nonetheless impressive and useful. Once you update the Truecaller app for iPhone to the latest version, you will notice the new Google Duo functionality within the Contact section under a selected contact. If you want the Feed to work, you will need to install it as a system app. One major trouble spot has been Chromecast control, which has been available on the Google Home but not for smartphones, which seems counterintuitive considering that most Chromecast services are controlled by the connected smartphone.

Users that opt to use this launcher on a non-Google smartphone should know that they'll not immediately have access to the Google Assistant homepage. If you already have the Pixel Launcher installed, this should install on top of it. This looks odd to me, and one users are likely to be embittered about. Don't forget to check out our hands-on video where Kellen goes into detail.

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