European Union tightens sanctions on N. Korea in line with United Nations resolution

European Union tightens sanctions on N. Korea in line with United Nations resolution

Hurricanes, tsunamis and now nuclear bombs.

"In light of concerns about North Korea missile tests, state and federal agencies are providing information about nuclear threats and what to do in the unlikely event of a nuclear attack and radiation emergency", KGM reports the email said.

It adds that the university follows the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency siren system and the agency's instructions for "sheltering-in-place".

"In the event of a nuclear attack", the subject line read, Hawaii News Now reported.

Meisenzahl said the email was prompted by "an increasing number of inquiries" regarding how to prepare in the event of a North Korean nuclear attack that impacts the campus.

The EU also said a total number of 63 individuals and 53 entities were sanctioned under restrictive measures as listed by the United Nations, while 38 individuals and four entities have been designated by the bloc autonomously.

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Meisenzahl said the message was sent as a standard internal email and was not meant to attract national media coverage or cause fear. He might also have put into all caps: "NO REASON FOR ALARM" and other language to the effect of "Don't take this the wrong way".

Meisenzahl said he stands by the body of the email.

Morozov said that Kim showed him a mathematical formula and explained the missile can reach the U.S. West Coast although it is the same type North Korea has fired in the past.

A senior Central Intelligence Agency analyst, speaking at a conference in Washington this week, said the North Korean government likely would stage some kind of provocation on October 10 but did not elaborate on what form it might take.

"Member states will not provide new work authorizations to DPRK nationals to enter and work in their territory as they are suspected of generating revenue which is used to support the country's illegal nuclear and ballistic missile programs", the statement noted.

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