Echo devices now have more calling abilities in the US, Canada, Mexico

Echo devices now have more calling abilities in the US, Canada, Mexico

One thing is bit absurd here is that it lets you dial your own number from the Echo.

Developed by, the Echo smart speakers have created a new ecosystem and slowly all tech giants are working on their smart speakers.

This new device can help Google to keep its position on top of the race of smart-home market, after the release of Echo Show and Facebook is continuing work on its video calling screen with codename "Aloha".

The new Amazon Echo is in its second generation and replaces the original Echo which revolutionized the smart speaker space. Amazon has all that technology for you right here with awesome new gadgets that will take your smart home straight to the future. Users will be able to make video calls. The Echo Spot is tiny Echo with a small, 2.5-inch circular screen.

Nevertheless it's a cool upgrade from the initial version of Alexa calling that Amazon unveiled that only lets you make calls to other people or Echo owners with Alexa app installed in it having it set up on their own smart phones.

Google Assistant - Alexa's stiff virtual assistant competition - also is going to be embedded in many home and entertainment devices, based on a number of recent reports, including Nvidia's Shield TV, home appliances from LG, smart speakers like the Zolo Mojo from Ankerm and the new QC 35 II headphones from Bose.

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Just to confuse matters a little, Echo devices can already make free calls to any number in their own country in the US, Canada, and Mexico - the other person even sees your mobile number come up. Amazon also launched Echo Buttons which can be used for gaming sessions by establishing a connection with Amazon Echo speakers.

Whatsoever, yet you can dictate text messages with Echo.

Fire TV with 4KFinally, there's a new Fire TV, this time with support for 4K HDR video content at up to 60 frames per second and support for Dolby Atmos sound.

If you've already got an Echo at home, and love using it, the Connect is an cheap add-on - it works with all the available Echos past and present, so the original Echo, the first and second generation Echo Dots, the Echo Show, the Echo Spot, the second generation (smaller Echo) and the Echo Plus.

Here's how it works: You'll need a second-generation Fire TV or Fire TV Stick. Amazon is also providing a Fire TV bundle with an Echo Dot for only $10 more.

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