'Cheapest' NBA Star LeBron James May Get a Free Pandora Premium Membership

'Cheapest' NBA Star LeBron James May Get a Free Pandora Premium Membership

LeBron James is known not only for his elite basketball prowess, but also for his business savvy.

LeBron James tested his injured left ankle during a portion of practice on Sunday, but it's still not known if he'll play in Cleveland's season opener. He declined to speak with reporters this morning, after shooting with teammates.

Lue has said for days that he doesn't know for sure if James will be ready. "I really don't know, I mean, just depends on how he feels after today". To say the atmosphere was hostile is definitely an understatement, as they were greeted with a lot of boos and name-calling throughout that night. LeBron's net worth is impressive; it's fitting that his nickname is King James.

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"December 2", James said to Nichols, "I will never forget that date".

He practised on Monday and Lue said it depended on how James pulled if he would play. After making three trips to the NBA Finals with LeBron back on the Cavaliers, winning one title together, Irving demanded a trade from Cleveland over the offseason.

"We've got the best fans in the world and they're going to do whatever they see best", he said.

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