Candy corn Michigan's Halloween favorite

Candy corn Michigan's Halloween favorite

Up in Alaska, they enjoy Twix the most, while IL goes for Sour Patch Kids.

And chocolate placed third on the list with 34,847 of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups being bought every year.

Six US states should be ashamed of themselves, because they gave out more candy corn than any other candy.

The company analyzed ten years (2007-2016) of sales data to determine the popular sweets based on the number of pounds sold.

And while SC stands by its love of candy corn (wonder if they know about that new pizza at Chuck E. Cheese?), New Yorkers remain obsessed with, of all things, Sour Patch Kids. That is a lot of candy corn, and I just don't understand why. Take the hit, get rid of the candy corn, and get a superior candy for the kids this year.

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YumEarth has always been known for its commitment to simple ingredients and consumer convenience, which in turn, led to the development of an allergen friendly candy corn for Halloween. That's where I draw the line.

Ashley Aubry, a registered dental hygienist, says the bacteria inside our mouths is probably more excited than children about candy because it feeds on sugar, producing a weak acid - and that acid is what contributes to cavities.

Idaho isn't alone in their love of candy corn.

My home state of Pennsylvania also embarrasses me by ranking M&Ms and Skittles #1 and #2. California's favorite candy changed from salt water taffy last year to M&M's this year.

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