Bungie Releases Destiny 2 Update 1.08 To Fix Raid Keys And More

Bungie Releases Destiny 2 Update 1.08 To Fix Raid Keys And More

To talk about the console version of Destiny 2 update 1.08, Bungie has made it so that hopefully players will avoid the erroneous removal of Raid keys.

Coil glitching has been in Destiny 2 since it launched more than a month ago. At this point, most hardcore Destiny 2 players know the Leviathan Raid very well, and the changes introduced in the Prestige Difficulty aren't that significant. But viewers quickly noticed that the clan used "coil glitching" to help take down raid boss Calus. Bungie hasn't yet patched that exploit, but said that as they work on a fix, they've implemented a method to track its use so as to disqualify anyone using it to finish the prestige raid first. Until people started reporting that the team had been exploiting a glitch in order to win. The only problem, as Comic Book first reported, was that Clan Redeem had glitched its way to victory. This was not the specific exploit we were checking for and we don't now have the ability to detect it. The developer has since responded saying that they can't detect coil glitching, but they plan on releasing the top three finishers for the raid and "you can make your own decision as to who should be celebrated". The make sure you hit pre-load for Bungie's RPG shooter.

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While some players have defended Clan Redeem, insisting that all that happened was a player took advantage of a bug Bungie failed to program out of its game, many others are incensed that Bungie would recognize exploiters as the world's first to accomplish an in-game feat. Esoterickk, a member of the clan that finished in sixth place, has also publicly come out to say that Redeem should be credited with first place.

"Coil glitching" is an exploit used to instantly refill your power weapon ammo.

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