Aston Martin DB11 Volante Drops the Top in Time for Spring

Aston Martin DB11 Volante Drops the Top in Time for Spring

It's good for 510hp and thanks to a three-phase approach to delivering that power, plus three very different driving mode setups and an eight-speed paddle-operated automatic transmission, not to mention the limited slip differential with torque vectoring, Aston insists it offers a greater breadth and depth of performance than any Aston yet to carry the Volante badge. Other options include a tracker system, a self-parking feature, blind-spot monitoring, a heated steering wheel and two premium stereos - one by Aston and one by Bang & Olufsen. The trade-off for such a sleek top-down profile is perhaps less of the coupe's contemporary design character - there's no equivalent of the floating roof arches here.

Click below to watch Aston Martin's official video of the new vehicle, or scroll down to see the full gallery of the V8-powered drop-top.

Aston Martin say they have added an innovative new aerodynamic feature called "Curlicue" alongside the new wood or carbon fibre veneers panels on the seat backs.

The folding fabric roof - which takes 14 seconds to lower - has been put through extensive testing, with Aston Martin engineers using special weather chambers to simulate 10 years of use within the space of a month.

On sale in early 2018, the DB11 Volante costs from £159,900, around £15k more than the V8 Coupe. Being based on the coupe's aluminum platform, the DB11 Volante is lighter and more rigid than the outgoing DB9 Volante, and also benefits from a 20 percent gain in trunk volume.

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"The challenge of creating a convertible vehicle is retaining structural and dynamic integrity", said Max Szwaj, Aston Martin Chief Technical Officer.

"With the DB11 Volante we have maximised the advantages of the DB11's all-new bonded structure to underpin our new Volante with a structure that's 26kg lighter and 5 per cent stiffer than its predecessor". The eight layered roof protects you from the most extreme weather (it was tested in Death Valley and the Arctic Circle) and wind noise.

"The result is a truly magnificent vehicle".

Deliveries of the upcoming DB11 Volante, which has a sticker price of $216,000, are planned to start in the second quarter of 2018.

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