Apple to partner with LG for foldable iPhone

Apple to partner with LG for foldable iPhone

For this reason, Apple may have established a partnership with LG to store his work from his biggest competitor.

Samsung has said that it will release it's own "smartlet" - a phone which unfolds into a tablet - by next year.

We already know that Samsung and ZTE are working on a foldable smartphone and now according to a recent report, Apple are working with LG for a foldable iPhone. The report also added that LG Innotek is working on developing a flexible printed circuit board or RFPCB for these foldable iPhones.

Apple is reportedly working with LG Display, a display solutions arm of LG, on a foldable iPhone. The Investor notes, though, that LGD is expected to begin OLED iPhone screen production at its E6 plant in Paju in 2019.

Hedge funds and other institutional investors have recently made changes to their positions in the stock.

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Apple is investigating reports of its new iPhone bursting open, days after the flagship device went on sale.

Samsung is now the sole manufacturer of the OLED displays, NAND flash and DRAM chip in quantities required by Apple for its iPhones.

Should LG eventually lose the display gig to Samsung, its iPhone-based coffers won't swell to significantly. The company is now supplying its first batch of its foldable panels to few Chinese handset makers as well as to its parent company.

Piper Jaffray said the findings are a clear "positive point" for the current iPhone upgrade supercycle, which includes the iPhone 8 as well as the upcoming high-end iPhone X. The survey polled 6,100 teenagers across 44 states, with an average age of 15.9 years. However, let's not forget that we've been hearing rumors of foldable phones for quite some time, and there's no sign that one will be ready for consumers any time soon, let alone only three years from now. LG, meanwhile, has reportedly completed its own foldable OLED panel prototype years ago, and is now working to increase durability and the yield rate of the same.

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