US' bullying in JCPOA won't bear results: Leader

US' bullying in JCPOA won't bear results: Leader

Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei threatened Washington on Sunday, saying: "Iran will respond to every wrong step by the United States regarding the nuclear deal".

Iranian senior officials on Sunday warned against the USA "breach" of nuclear deal reached in 2015 and called for Washington's adherence to its pertaining commitments. He may have also been reacting to later news regarding an upcoming meeting between Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu on a plan to demand that Iran amend the deal to allow inspection of its centrifuges.

"The Iranian nation is standing firm and any wrong move by the domineering regime regarding the [nuclear accord] will face the reaction of the Islamic Republic", Khamenei said in an address to police officers.

President Trump, for his part, on Thursday promised: "You'll see what I'm going to be doing very shortly in October".

If the regional nations and governments want to block the infiltration of hegemonic powers like the United States into the region, they must really believe in their own ability, he said, adding that "If we step back, the enemy will step forward".

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While Iranian officials made a decision to hold nuclear negotiations and even retreat from part of the country's rights to have the sanctions lifted, the United States is behaving in a cruel, bullying and forceful manner despite all of those negotiations, commitments, Imam Khamenei said.

Washington extended some sanctions relief for Iran on Thursday under Tehran's 2015 deal with world powers.

President Hassan Rohani left on September 17 for the UN General Assembly in NY, where he is expected to hold talks on the nuclear deal.

The global agreement is facing a serious threat of collapse as tensions mounted between Washington and Tehran recently.

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