UK Ready to Continue EU Sanctions Policy After Brexit - Paper on Partnership

UK Ready to Continue EU Sanctions Policy After Brexit - Paper on Partnership

After more than 13 hours of speeches for and against the legislation, which May says is essential for Brexit but critics describe as a Conservative government power grab, lawmakers voted 326 to 290 in favor of moving the European Union withdrawal bill, or repeal bill, to the next stage of a lengthy lawmaking process.

European Union leaders insist the talks must first focus on Britain's withdrawal and that they rule whether "sufficient progress" has been made to move forward.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said Europe can no longer "completely depend" on the U.S. and United Kingdom following the election of President Trump and the Brexit vote, while European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker recently called on EU member states to step up their military co-operation.

The bill is aimed at overturning the 1972 European Communities Act, which took the United Kingdom into the then European Economic Community (EEC). "Without it, we would be approaching a cliff edge of uncertainty which is not in the interest of anyone".

Correction: This story has been corrected to reflect the stage this bill is at in the Parliamentary process.

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Labour said the result was "deeply disappointing" and the Lib Dems described it as "a dark day for the mother of parliaments".

European Union lawmakers must endorse any agreement before Britain leaves in March 2019. Rebels in both parties warned, however, that they would back amendments created to ensure that the Bill will not be a power grab by government.

"We have been reassured they are not going to use these powers in any policy-making way. parliament would be sensible to get them to write it so they are not giving themselves the possibility of using powers that no government has ever tried to take at the expense of parliament before", he said. "But the government's EU Withdrawal Bill would allow Conservative ministers to set vital terms on a whim, including of Britain's exit payment, without democratic scrutiny", a Labour spokesperson told CNN on Monday.

It means public bill committees, which scrutinise legislation line by line, will no longer mirror the representation of the Commons but instead an automatic Conservative majority.

A major Brexit bill just passed its first big test - but not without criticism.

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