Trump encourages Rick Scott to run for Senate

Trump encourages Rick Scott to run for Senate

A Hollywood, Florida, nursing home didn't lose full power but Irma did knock out its air conditioning; temperatures climbed up to 106 degrees at the facility, leading to the deaths of eight patients. Unfortunately, early this morning several patients experienced distress and there were 3 fatalities at the Facility and 3 at the hospital they were transferred to.

"We are conducting a criminal investigation inside that we believe at this time may be related to loss of power and the storm, but we are conducting criminal investigation and not ruling anything out", Hollywood Police Chief Tomas Sanchez said, adding that it was a "sad event".

"Although the details of these reported deaths are still under investigation, this situation is unfathomable", he said in a statement. However, when she showed up to work, paramedics were barring the doors and telling her she could not enter.

"Hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities in Florida are required to have emergency operation plans", the Department of Health said in a news release.

But as thousands of people remain in shelters and millions more are without power, the danger of Hurricane Irma, is not over.

Police were first called to the facility at about 4:30 a.m. but authorities did not arrive until after 6 a.m., officials said. The deputy was overcome by fumes while approaching the home and called for fire rescue.

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Around 100 people were evacuated from the building since. The home was not entirely without power during and after Irma - but there wasn't enough to run the air conditioning, its managers say.

A neighbor told FOX35 Orlando generators were not allowed in the community, and officials across Florida are warning people to keep generators outside homes.

Around 115 residents of the retirement home in Hollywood, north of Miami, were immediately evacuated after a nearby hospital began receiving patients suffering from heat-related problems.

Restoring power is still a top priority in Florida. But no one knows for sure how much it will cost to clean up following Hurricane Irma.

The storm's death toll grew to at least 33 people in Florida after a woman died of suspected carbon monoxide poisoning from a generator in Palm Beach County, the Palm Beach Post newspaper reported. Utility officials warned it could take 10 days or more for power to be fully restored. "It just doesn't seem to be going anywhere and I can't do anything until we get that fuse popped back in".

A total of eight people died at the elderly home, prompting questions as to who was responsible for the deaths and how, exactly, the tragedy occurred.

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