Teachers proud of their Junior Cert students

Teachers proud of their Junior Cert students

English is the first subject to have undergone a reform in teaching, learning, assessment and grading.

60,000 Junior Cert students will be getting their results today. Students in English will receive grades Distinction, Higher Merit and Merit as opposed to the A, B, C grades awarded in other subjects.

As were down in higher French, German, History and Geography.

The number of students getting top marks in their Junior Cert has fallen by almost half. Four students received top marks of 12 As while 54 received 11 As.

With teenagers due to celebrate their results across the country, parents are being encouraged to talk to their children about alcohol use.

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The HSE, however, says that alcohol shouldn't be involved in any celebrations. The dual presentation of marks will continue until 2021 when the Junior Certificate is phased out and replaced entirely with the new Junior Cycle.

"I think young people are more aware of their diet in general and they know what's in food and drink, whether it's fizzy drinks or alcohol, they're more aware than I was growing up".

The National Association of Principals and Deputy Principals (NAPD), meanwhile, congratulated the students on their results.

The results are being handed out to more than 2,700 pupils at schools across Limerick this Wednesday.

"While these exams are undoubtedly important, they are not the be all and end all".

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