Taliban Car Bomber Attacks NATO Convoy

Taliban Car Bomber Attacks NATO Convoy

A small number of service members serving in NATO's Resolute Support mission, along with a number of Afghan civilians, were wounded Monday when a vehicle-borne suicide bomber attacked a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation convoy in eastern Afghanistan.

This is not the first time the Taliban group claim of inflicting heavy casualties in attacks on Afghan or foreign forces as numerous such claims have proven to be false in the past.

The soldiers were taken to the nearby Bagram Air Field and none of their injuries appeared life-threatening, NATO's headquarters in Kabul said. The wounded civilians were evacuated to a local hospital and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation could not provide their condition.

Operation Resolute Support, the US mission in Afghanistan, released a statement Monday noting that a "small number" of service members suffered injuries after a suicide bomber drove into their convoy in Parwan Province, which is near Bagram airfield.

A statement from the Taliban terrorists claimed 13 Americans had been killed and 11 wounded and three armored vehicles destroyed.

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Last week a suicide bomber on a motorbike blew himself up at an entrance to the Bagram base, injuring "a small number" of USA soldiers, according to officials.

This was the second attack in Bagram district in less than a week period and following the controversial air drop of the offensive anti-Taliban leaflets by the American forces.

The controversial leaflets, meant to mock the Taliban, featured the coalition as a lion chasing a white dog, the same color as the insurgent flag. The Muslim profession of faith was superimposed on the dog, which is considered an unclean animal in Islam.

"I sincerely apologize. There is no excuse for this mistake", an official statement quoted Major General James Linder as saying.

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