Juncker chides European Union candidate Turkey, upbeat on Western Balkans

Juncker chides European Union candidate Turkey, upbeat on Western Balkans

The other 27 national leaders insist, however, that the divorce talks must show "sufficient progress" - a deliberately vague phrase - before they will negotiate a future trade deal.

The president of the European Commission said on Wednesday he saw no prospect of Turkey joining the EU in "the foreseeable future" but he had a more optimistic message for six Western Balkan nations also seeking membership.

Liese is convinced that in the case of a failure of the Brexit negotiations, British industry should not have an undue advantage and European competitors should not have an undue disadvantage.

The government gave little more detail on what the position paper, to be published Tuesday, will say. Read Also: China praises "good brother" Pakistan for doing its best against terrorism "We must respect the will of the British people, but we will move forward, we will move forward - because Brexit is not everything, because Brexit is not the future of Europe", the veteran politician added.

Juncker said there were "good chances" that the European Union would agree the main elements of a new free trade with the Mercosur countries of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay and of an updated trade partnership with Mexico by the end of this year. Britain's official departure in March 2019 and European elections in June 2019 mean the focus will be elsewhere that year.

Juncker, whose Commission proposes European Union legislation, said the European Union is into its fifth year of economic recovery, with unemployment at a nine-year low. We will always regret this, and I think that you will regret it as well, soon.

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It is undeniably the case that the European Union leaders will not want to sign off a deal which rewards the United Kingdom for leaving the bloc.

"When I stood before you this time previous year, I had a somewhat easier speech to give". Around the same time, several members of the European Union expressed growing discontent over how to handle the migrant crisis, while euroskeptic right-wing parties in several member states gained support.

Reflecting on the economic and political challenges that the continent had faced in recent years, he said the "wind is back in Europe's sails".

He said the euro zone bailout fund - the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) - should be transformed into a European Monetary Fund and become an EU institution, rather than an intergovernmental one as the ESM is now.

"Those are the two most important things for our country, our prosperity and our safety".

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