Demi Lovato Just Opened Up About Her Struggle to Stay Sober

Demi Lovato Just Opened Up About Her Struggle to Stay Sober

Demi Lovato puts constant effort into maintaining her sobriety.

"Every day is a battle", Lovato told People at the event.

Lovato was recently honored at the Summer Spectacular to Benefit the Brent Shapiro Foundation for Drug Prevention in Beverly Hills, California.

Demi said: 'Sometimes I just look back and I'm just grateful to be alive. Lauren Abedini is also an outspoken feminist who supports organizations and workshops made for women. I'm grateful that CAST centres came into my life.

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The 25 year old was snapped by excited fans while spending the day with Lauren Abedini. CAST is a treatment centre that I co-own with Mike Bayer and we, together, are able to help other people, which, in turn, makes me feel really great.

Fans were understandably excited over the PDA as the two held hands in front of Mickey Mouse with their identities hidden only by sunglasses, which didn't stop Lovatics from recognizing the pop star and sparking rumors about her romantic life. Some people it helps, some people - that's their own journey. "It was great working with children".

The song "Cool for the Summer", for example, includes the lyrics "Take me down into your paradise / Don't be scared 'cause I'm your body type", "Got a taste for the cherry / I just need to take a bite", and "Tell me what you want, what you like, it's OK / I'm a little curious, too". Of course, this is how Lovato's been her entire career. When Alan Carr asked her about her sexuality following the song's debut, she simply replied, "I'm not confirming and I'm definitely not denying". "All of my songs are based off of personal experiences. I don't think there's anything wrong with experimentation at all". "I wanted to make sure that this album showcased my voice", says Lovato, who'll release Tell Me You Love Me on September 29. Her Instagram is filled with posts about self-love, and she's releasing some of her rawest music to date, like "You Don't Do It For Me Anymore", a track that's actually about breaking up with her former self-not a significant other.

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