Apple launches Apple TV 4K

Apple launches Apple TV 4K

The 4th-generation Apple TVs will likely be marked down to clear out their 2-year old inventory that should have supported 4k in the first place. While it hasn't been the most popular device for home media, it is certainly one of the most elegant. Quite frankly, to call it a media box is a bit of a misnomer. Naturally, the additional horsepower will also enable more immersive game experiences. Apple showed off a demo of Sky, a new exclusive gaming title coming to iOS and Apple TV this winter to demonstrate its capabilities. Two years ago, Ultra HD televisions were fairly rare, so Apple was probably smart to focus on 1080p at the time. In 2017. however, 4K is much more prevalent. That's just a taste of what the Apple TV 4K update brings, though. In addition, may even start selling Apple TVs again (they were pulled from the web retailer in 2015).

The third-generation, announced in March 2012, didn't change anything about the external design of the Apple TV but did bump up the internal specs slightly. That results in CPU performance twice as fast as the last model.

Apple TV 4K will also support HDR 10, the current industry standard for HDR lighting, and the premium Dolby Vision standard. tvOS will receive a full redesign for 4K, too. This will lend to sharper imagery. There is also support for several new streaming services as seen above.

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A faster processor won't just be a boon for better picture quality; it will also give Apple far more flexibility with what these devices can do. This would make it a compelling option for those wanting to watch Ultra HD 4K content on their Apple TV 4K.

The Apple TV 4K is priced at $179, with shipping starting on 22nd September. You can order it on September 15, but it will not ship until September 22.

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