Cricket Australia prepared to enter arbitration to end pay dispite

Cricket Australia prepared to enter arbitration to end pay dispite

Australian cricket's pay dispute is headed towards the "fair-minded solution" of independent arbitration if agreement over terms for a new memorandum of understanding can not be reached by early next week.

Cricket Australia has proposed taking the dispute to the industrial umpire if a deal isn't reached by early next week.

"In the event that it is not resolved at that time, we are proposing that any residual matters that haven't been resolved are sent to arbitration".

"In cricketing parlance we are prepared to accept the umpire's decision, " he said.

Sutherland, who suggested the union had been guilty of delaying tactics, said if the dispute went to arbitration, players could immediately be contracted on a short-term basis to allow them to tour Bangladesh.

The first match on the Test tour of Bangladesh is due to start on August 22, followed by a one-day tour to India in September and October ahead of the showpiece home Ashes series, beginning in November.

Sutherland said he hoped arbitration was not required, but the small time frame he left the ACA leaves the players' body in a tough situation.

Sunderland was quoted to be saying by, "I've had some increasing concerns just about whether everyone is going at the same pace and dealing with this issue with the same level of urgency".

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"We offered $30m of our money to grassroots as a peace plan".

"This Baggy (Green) means the world to me".

Sutherland dismissed the proposal put forward last week by the players" union as a possible "peace plan' as delivering an outcome that was detrimental to future investment in grassroots cricket, and has called for the ACA to address the impasse as a matter of priority.

"Certainly as we do our analysis on that plan, we find that cricket as a whole is actually worse off and certainly our ability to fund greater investment in grassroots is compromised by the way that plan is put together", he said.

"We asked for mediation twice before and it was rejected. Now CA says there is a crisis".

"Arbitration is an adversarial process more akin to a court room", the ACA said in a statement. Administrators all still being paid. "How is it our fault no deal is done", he wrote.

Under CA's proposal, only male global players would have the chance to share in any surplus revenue, while other domestic male players and women at both domestic and worldwide level would have to settle for fixed amounts which would not fluctuate according to the game's income. "That said, in the spirit of doing all we can to resolve the dispute, the ACA will continue to work intensively in the CEO to CEO negotiations which are now taking place with a view to achieving resolution".

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